13 Things To Know Before Being A Freshman Of IFL

13 Things To Know Before Being A Freshman Of IFL

Posted at: 27 Nov 2020

Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL) is a college specialized in foreign languages which are English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, including International Studies. For those who want to be a student there, how much do you know about IFL? As an IFL student, I will tell you about 13 important things, experiences, you should know before being a freshman there.

1. Spending Only 3 Hours Studying But Doing Assessments For The Rest of The Day. 

You might have never experienced this during your high school, but at IFL, you will. You do not have to sit at extra classes or your classroom for hours like in high school, because you will spend only three hours in your classroom, but the rest of day is up to you. Moreover, you will face a number of assessments which your high school had never provided, and that is why you have to spend time for hours to make those done. 

2. Presentation is Just Another Normal Day of Life.  

I am sure presentation did not happen often when you were a high-school student, but here, you have to do it, which I can say ‘almost every day’, even a formal or mini presentation, so you will do the presentations until you feel like they are normal for you.  

3. Unexpected Things Will Surprise You Pretty Often.  

IFL lecturers like surprising their students, so they often provide us with surprised quizzes. Not only quizzes but assignments and homework as well. Can you feel it, when a lecture just finishs or before starting the class and he/she says ‘arrange your chair in five rows’? Haha… It might be something new for you, but it becomes often and often for us. 

4. Learning Microsoft Offices Without Schooling. 

Some students, I mean some only, still do not know how to use Microsoft offices on the computer, but I suggest you learn how to use them before entering college because almost all works, we need to use Microsoft offices, especially Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. At the same time, if you do not know how to use them, you may not need to go to extra class because I think that your classmates know how to use them and you can ask them for help, or else you can try to study about them by yourself, since they are not hard at all and at my time, I also tried to learn by myself as well. 

5. Sometimes, You Cannot Even Read Your own notes. 

At high school, you noted only what appears on the whiteboard, but at “IFL”, you have to note what lecturers talk about. Mostly, they use the slide to give a lecture, and on the slide, there are only a few main points but contents are solely based on what they are talking, and it depends on your own technique taking notes. Imagine! You are writing while they are speaking, and how will your notes be? So it is time to say goodbye to your beautiful handwriting in your notebooks. 

6. You Will Find Out ‘The Most Hard-Working You’ inside You.  

As I mentioned above, a huge amount of assessments will come to you, and what you have to do is ‘finish them’. You will find out how industrious you are! Personally, I was a very lazy student and kept chilling all the times when I was at high school, but IFL makes me know that I can be hard-working in studying too, and also sometimes I work my lung out to make my assessments be done due deadline. 

7. Deadline is the Scariest Thing of All. 

What we all are afraid of is DEADLINE!! You cannot resist giving respect to the deadline, because once it is set, you cannot avoid it, and things have to be done before or on deadline exclusively. 

8. Google Becomes an Important-Personal Lecturer. 

Normally, lecturers give lectures only in the classroom, but after that, it is on your own. At the same time, Google becomes essential to help our studying and provide what we want to know besides lecturers. Further, on our assessments, we need up-to-date information, so Google is the only faster way to do research. 

9. Teamwork is Banned During Examinations. 

At IFL, they consider ‘Cheating is a crime’, so you cannot cheat or create a teamwork during the exam, even in small quizzes as well. In addition, not only cheating but also plagiarism in your paperwork provided by the lecturer. As the result of those crimes, you will be warned or failed on that subject, and in some serious cases, you will be expelled, so you should perform carefully. 

10. Your Friends Ain’t Your Friends, But Ain’t Your Friends Are Your Friends.  

This means that you have to stay distance with your old friends from high school and make some new friends in college instead. Lecturers will divide you into groups with your classmates, so it is time to work and make friends with them. It is not bad at all, isn’t it? 

11. Being A Late Night Owl Does Not Matter Anymore.  

Sad but true!! You will see yourself not sleeping all the night just to finish assignments due to the deadline. At the very first time, you are not getting used to it, but as time passes, you will. Also, there are some people like using ‘One Night Policy’ to finish their works, so that must be fine to be a late night owl. 

12. Say Goodbye to Your Beautiful Eyes. 

Being a late night owl, you will know what your eyes will look like already! Have you ever seen Pandas? Your eyes might be similar, or even worse than pandas’ because pandas are cute with their eyes, but yours are not. If you step into the serious case, you will need glasses to help you as well, so how can you show your bling-bling eyes anymore? 

13. You Will Experience ‘Behind That Smile’. 

Smile but tear inside! Struggling for days and nights is normal, but you still smile. Unluckily, failing on a quiz or exam but realizing that you are not the only one is funny with teardrops inside the heart! Many things more that you will experience while trying to smile to cover your tiredness and sadness… But this is life!

After reading the saddest stories of being IFL-ers, how do you feel? Would you still want to be a freshman there? Actually, these are true stories which students of IFL can relate, but I am sure that you will not regret being an IFL-er, if you really love the major you choose there because what they are doing to students is just to make qualified people in society, and all your struggles are not useless in the future.

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy.    -Unknown-

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