10 Do & Don’t While Studying and Living in the United States

10 Do & Don’t While Studying and Living in the United States

Posted at: 28 Jan 2021

When living, interacting and experiencing the new culture, different culture might have different values. Therefore, for students who desires to study in the United States, it is a great idea to understand some culture difference and to maximize your experience there.  

To help students with this concerns, here are a few helpful tips of 10 things you should do and should not do while studying and living in the United States. 

Do give tips: Workers at restaurants and fast-food chains don’t earn much. Most of them earn minimum wages that are between 2.13$ and 7.25$ per hour. Therefore, tipping makes up much of their income. It is somewhat rude to not tip at restaurants you enjoy. We recommend you do give tips from 10% to 20% of your total bills. No matter what, some restaurants charge a gratuity fee. Therefore, it is important that you check your bills whether they include those gratuity fees or not. If they charge, you don’t need to give tips.

Do be punctual: American people take punctuality seriously. Therefore, it is not recommended that you are late for any appointments or classes. As a result, be prepared to be punctual by managing some time to arrive at the place a few minutes early.

Do respect traffic laws and signs: In some places, traffic laws and signs are not respected. Rather, they are norms than rules. No matter what, it is not a case in the United States when states and cities devise plans and regulations for enforcing traffic signs and laws.

If you plan to have your own cars, be ready to respect the signs and speed limits if you are notified. Obey the local rules, and you are safe from any punishments.

Do be kind and smiley: Always smile and do to others what you would do for yourselves. Often end your sentences with “please” and “thank you”. You’d be surprised by how welcome the locals are and want to show you the best of their regions and cities.

Do drink in moderation: It is important that you don’t drink and drive. Make sure your alcohol intake is limited enough, so you don’t get pulled out by cops. Please keep in mind that cops are everywhere and ready to pull you out if you don’t respect the local laws and regulations.

Don’t try to see too many things and do too many activities: The United States is a huge country. Therefore, there are too many things to visit and tour around the country. You should as a result focus on some particular regions such as the East Coast or the West Coast. Consequently, you can explore deep through your tours. We are smart to do so because each region has its uniqueness. Besides, traveling in many regions is costly and exhausting at the same time.

Don’t just smoke anywhere: The United States has some states that ban indoor smoking. California bans both indoor and outdoor smoking at private residences, healthcare facilities, public parks and beaches. Indoor smoking has been banned in sixty cities including Miami, Las Vegas and Nashville.

Don’t just use American slangs: Even though you can watch movies, and they do use some slangs; you should not just use those slangs. They can be rude to people in certain regions when some slangs require contexts for applications. Do use regular wording such as “How are you?” instead of “How are Y’all?” for general uses. Get along well with other people by saying commonly used wording with other people.

Don’t use the metric system: You need to abandon Celsius degree, kilometers and kilograms for Fahrenheit degree, miles and pounds. Be ready for it because everywhere doesn’t use the metric system at all.

Don’t travel without your documents: Please don’t forget to bring your passport when you are traveling. You can be asked out by immigration officers or police officers at some places you visit. Therefore, having the paper is important for you to save your time from unnecessary detention time and paper work.

 What Should You Get from the Article? 

Cambodian students can learn about the 10 things that you should do and should not do when studying and living in the United States. Keeping in minds these information, you will be much easier to adapt yourself into the American culture without unintentionally offending people.   

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