“Why Mothers Are Our Heroines”

“Why Mothers Are Our Heroines”

Posted at: 23 Sep 2020

Written by  Jasmine Catherine

Mom, ម៉ាក់, Mutter, ma, Maman,ママ, मां, 妈妈, แม่. Different spellings, different languages but the same meaning, the same responsibilities, the same feelings. A mothers’ role is something that is very complex. Motherhood is the time that all mothers go through a confusing yet rewarding stage. Some women are very prepared for the arrival of their child with their family; some women aren’t emotionally ready for this next stage, and some aren’t financially ready, and some have trouble with their work schedule. Not to mention the time when they go through a painful process for a long time during labor and the everlasting 9 months of carrying a child. Just imagine the discomfort mothers feel when they sleep, walk, talk; the endless cravings and let’s not forget nausea. Their role is far more touching and closer than other roles. So what are the extraordinary ‘jobs’ of our mothers?

1. Mothers care and protect us

She is always there to take care of us since the first step and she won’t ever stop looking after us even if we’re grown up and ready to start another family. From our early stages, she feeds us with good quality food even if it’s expensive, and gives us nice clothes to wear. Also, she finds the best schools for us although it’ll put a dent in her bank account. It’s not just material things but mothers provide us with the love and privilege that we can’t live without. A mother is the kind of person that if there were a car coming directly at us, she would likely run in front of us and shield us from the impact.

2. Mothers are our first teachers 

During our early stage, she taught us how to crawl, sit, stand, walk, and run. Then on the next stage, she teaches us how to speak, write, learn a new language, ride a bicycle, play games, etc. Not only that, but she also teaches how to love, respect, grow, and be confident in failing. All of those things are imprinted in our long-term memory and will continue to stay till we die. She is the one who’s responsible for teaching us what the school doesn’t. She’s also the teacher that is free of charge and doesn’t look for benefits back. All she wants is for us to learn and be better in our lives.

3. Mothers support us when we fail 

She will continue to support us and will cheer us up when we fail to even get shortlisted for a scholarship. She is also the one who will lift us up when we feel sad for failing. Furthermore, even if we come home and inform her that we lost our phone, our mother won’t hold a grudge and make us pay for that back. However, not all mothers have a gentle way of speaking. Some have sharp tongues but a good heart because no mother wants her child to face troubles. She will always be happy when we’re happy. Even if her way of conveying it is different and sometimes in a harsh way but at the end of the day, she always means well.

4. Mothers are our role models

For some people, their mothers are the reasons they chose a particular job. They get inspired by how their mothers work, the way she solves problems, the way she works fearlessly, the way she earns income for the family, and the way she leads. Moreover, according to research, mothers show a higher endorsement of progressive parenting manners, enabling children to think and verbalize their own concepts and opinions. Simply put, if our mothers show us an optimistic view of life then we are more likely to grow up thinking the glass is half full.

5. Mothers always motivate us and do not judge us 

Everyone has a constant reminder that keeps on pressuring us to study more in the form of our mother. Furthermore, Even if we have Down Syndrome or born without some body parts. Others may be repulsed at us but our mothers would never discriminate us and she will always be there to assist, to guide, and to love us fiercely. In addition, when we face difficulties at school or get bullied by our classmates, she will always reassure us that we are perfect just the way we are and if serious, she will directly confront our bullies for us.

Overall, there is no perfection in this job. Every mother may have some flaws but at the end of the day, they always carry off their responsibility diligently and never complain.

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