Why Students Should Study Bachelor of Economics?

Why Students Should Study Bachelor of Economics?

Posted at: 21 Jun 2022

Why Bachelor of Economics? 

The Bachelor of Economics empowers students with the knowledge of managing the economy through a vigorous understanding of the transactional links from individuals to businesses to larger societies and nations. Employing data analytical skills as well as theoretical analysis, graduates will be able to demonstrate complex economics assessment. The degree also prepares graduates to evaluate and apply ethical and social responsibility in professional practice and decision making to develop sustainable economic policy solutions. 

For the study program, students are required to complete 24 subjects. Of these students will take 23 Core Subjects Plus 1 Elective subject from level 2 or 3. 

Level 1 Subjects Includes: 

  1. Accounting for Decision Making 
  2. Principles of Data Analysis for Business 
  3. Introduction to Management Concepts and Application 
  4. Business Communication 
  5. Business Law 
  6. Foundations in Microeconomics 
  7. Foundations in Macroeconomics 

 Level 2 Subjects Includes: 
  1. Macroeconomic Policy 
  2. Managerial Economics 
  3. Workforce Economics and Analytics 
  4. Econometrics and Big Data Analysis 
  5. Economics and Sustainable Resource Management 
  6. Financial Institutions and Markets 
  7. International Economics 
  8. Introduction to Environmental Economics 


Level 3 Subjects Includes: 

  1. Economic Growth and Sustainable Development 
  2. Economics of Social Policy 
  3. Cost Benefit Analysis 
  4. Behavioral Economics for Sustainable Policy 
  5. International Political Economy 
  6. Applied Econometrics 
  7. History of Economic Thought 
  8. Professional Internship or Multidisciplinary Project or Independent Project 


After complete this degree, graduates can grand career outcomes as Assistant Managers, Bank Executives, Business Analysts, Finance Executives, Service Managers, and Economic Analysts 


At James Cook University, this degree will take duration of 2 years for full time and 4 years for part time.

  • Course Structure: 3 trimesters per year  
  • Intakes: March, July, November 


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