Why Students Should Study Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science

Why Students Should Study Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science

Posted at: 22 Jun 2022

Why Study Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science? 

It is well recognized that businesses must have robust environmental strategies to succeed in the 21st century. 

These are environmentally sensitive issues which have resulted in an increase of related legislation. In addition, some business activities require a knowledge of the environment. In the aquaculture industry, for example, biological knowledge is required to raise fish, prawns, algae and other crops. But there is no substitute for a good business plan. The benefit of this degree is that it gives you the knowledge and skill to do both.  

Study Program: 


- Accounting for Decision Making 
- Principles of Economics 
- Introduction to Management Concepts and Application 
- Business Communication 

*Plus 4 Business level 2 subjects and 4 Business level 3 subjects 


  • Environmental Science:

- Introduction to Biodiversity 

- Environmental Processes and Global Change 

- Introduction to Sustainability 

- Quantitative Methods in Science 

- Introduction to Environmental Economics 

-Fundamentals of ecology 

*Plus 2 Environmental Science level 2 subjects and 4 Environmental Science level 3 subjects 


**Electives Subjects 

  1. Introduction to Aquacultures 
  2. Aquaculture of Tropical Species 
  3. The Case for Sustainability 
  4. Sustainable Aquaculture 
  5. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment 
  6. Sustainability in Practice 
  7. Marine Conservation Biology 
  8. Tropical Marine Ecology and Coastal Impacts 


  • Duration: 2 years full time/ 4 years part time 
  • Course Structure: 12 Businesses plus 12 Science subjects  


Career Prospects: as a graduate of Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science you will be able to work within a range of public, private and non-profit industries. You can also work in the areas of agriculture, aquaculture, forestry and fisheries. 

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