Why Should Study at Beijing Foreign Studies University in China?

Why Should Study at Beijing Foreign Studies University in China?

Posted at: 29 Jan 2021

Founded in 1941, Beijing Foreign Studies University or BFSU is one of China’s prestigious universities under the direct leadership of the Chinese Ministry of Education. Located in Haidian District, Beijing, it has two campuses which are the West Campus and the East Campus, separated by the North Xisanhuan Road.

BFSU provides 101 foreign languages teaching, more than any other Chinese universities. Providing 121 bachelor’s programs, BFSU provides 44 exclusive programs in China. It also offers advanced degree programs in 6 major fields — literature, economics, management, law, education, and history. 

Taking advantage of its long tradition, BFSU continues to pursue excellence in an effort to build itself into a world-class university with Chinese characteristics and produce high-quality, dedicated, innovative language professionals with patriotic passion, international exposure, critical thinking, and cross-culture capabilities. 

Why study at Beijing Foreign Studies University? 

(1) The first institution in China to specialize in language studies.
(2) Variety of disciplines and programs
(3) Academic facilities and Scientific Research of over 65 research institutions and one of the largest library
(4) Beijing Foreign Studies University achievement of the establishment of over 20 Confucius Institutes
 (5) Communication and the international corporation with more than 310 colleges and academic institutions in 91 countries and regions. 


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