What Documents to Translate When You Want to Study Abroad

What Documents to Translate When You Want to Study Abroad

Posted at: 05 Feb 2021

Many Cambodian students can be wondering about what documents they should prepare and translate when they are prepping to go and study abroad. When it is wise thinking to consult with education agents for the info, you can know briefly about some documents that you should translate with this article. Here are the seven documents you should translate or seek a translation service.

Official Certificate

The official certificates are some certificates that you get for degrees such as diplomas when you want to continue and earn a Bachelor’s degree abroad. It can also be your associate’s degree certificate or bachelor’s degree certificate for those of you who want to study for a Master’s degree, as well. 

School Record Book

School record books are books that record your academic performance over the years. Those school record books are often from primary school to higher secondary school which record all your performances so that committees abroad can see whether you perform better or worse. 


Transcripts are often scoring reports for a university level. This is very special for Cambodian students who want to continue for a Master’s degree abroad. A transcript works the same way as a school-record book because it records your performance from semester to semester. 

National ID Card

National Identification Cards are those cards that identify you as citizens of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Many of us start to register for national ID cards when we are 15 or 16. This is another document you should be prepared to translate or get a translation service. 

Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is similar to a National Identification Card. However, you get birth certificates a few weeks or months after you are born, and it is often for those of you who are below 18 or even 16 years old. Some schools or universities ask for both when some of you who want to study high-schools abroad can be below 16 years old, which is not yet eligible to apply for national identification cards. 

Family Record Book

Family Record Books are some books to identify your family members. When you don’t have partners or spouses yet, you are often identified with families in which your parents are the leads of your families. Regardless, you can have your own family record books when you are legally married to someone. 

Residence Book

It is a bit tricky between a Family Record Book and a Residence Book because you can share the same names with both recording books. However, they are different because residence books prove your residency, and your parents or you need to make and register for new ones when you change or move your residences. 


What Should You Get from the Article? 

In the article, Cambodian students get an opportunity to know what documents they should be prepared to translate or seek for services to translate. Those documents are such as official certificates, school record books, transcripts, national ID cards, birth certificates, family record books, and residence books. 

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