Studying in the United States: What life in the United States feel like

Studying in the United States: What life in the United States feel like

Posted at: 28 Jan 2021

Cambodian students who arrive in the U.S. for the first time might not yet get accustomed to the American way of life. The United States is a huge democratic country when everyone values independence and freedom. As a result, there can be many surprising things you encounter when studying in the U.S. 

Free-spirited and Outgoing People 

Cambodian can find American friends free-spirited and outgoing. They like to hang out as a group when those American teenagers and adults have their private time for a solitude lifestyle as well. There is no way you can get together with the group besides adapting to their lifestyles and ways of life. You need to learn to communicate more if you are an introvert. And, it is lucky for those of you who are extroverts. Furthermore, you should be independent as well. The Americans often like those who are strong, independent yet friendly. 

Capitalist Market

Additionally, the United States is a big capitalist country. Therefore, you can find everything in the United States as something you need to pay for. There is no such thing as free in the United States. Cambodian students can find themselves enjoying many cool things such as theme parks, libraries, coffee shops, fast-food chains and more; even though they need to pay for all of them.

Presents and Gift

Lastly, you should prepare some gifts for your future friends when you go to study in the United States. You might need to ask for their favors such as hitchhiking with them and more. Therefore, having some gifts for them is helpful to ask for their favors and pay them back with cool gifts you bring from Cambodia. Cambodian students can find those gifts in some local markets such as Psar Thom Thmey and the Russian Market. 

All in all, studying in the United States is fun. No matter what, you need to study hard as well because you need to obtain a good grade for yourselves. There is no doubt that Cambodian students should both work hard and play hard to live a full life in the United States.

What Should You Get from the Article? 

Cambodian parents and students can now get the general picture about life in the United States for student who plans to pursue their education in the United States. The article provided the information about the free-spirited and outgoing people, capitalist market and other features of the American culture. 

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