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Study in China E-Guidebook: A Must-Read E-books for All Students Curious About Study and Living in China

This year, WEduAbroad is proud to present the comprehensive all-in-one E-guidebook about studying in China. The public can now access to this informative e-guidebook free-of-change on our website and Facebook page to get yourself ready for your plan to pu

Posted at: 11 Sep 2020

What You Need to Know about Living in China

International students should expect the firewall in China that prevents user to be able to access to certain website such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and more. A way to get around this is to use the Virtual Private Network or VPN to access to these webs

Posted at: 22 Dec 2020

Your Guide to the Cost of Studying and Living in China

In reality, it might not necessarily be the case as it depends largely based on majors or education providers being compared. Studying in China might be more affordable that most people think.

Posted at: 22 Dec 2020

10 Do & Don’t While Studying and Living in China

It is the most common phrase for Chinese people to ask one another when meeting each other. You might find this uncommon, but food plays a great role in Chinese’s people life and asking whether they have eaten their meal is a sign of kindness and concern.

Posted at: 22 Dec 2020