James Cook University Merit Scholarships
  • Tuition fees for a maximum 8 subjects equal to One Academic Year at JCUS
  • Bachelor
  • Singapore
  • James Cook University
  • 05 Feb 2021

James Cook University Merit Scholarships



James Cook University is awarding Merit Scholarships to high calibre individuals with outstanding academic achievement and well-developed skills in critical thinking and creativity. These scholarships are competitive and are only available for students studying at the Singapore campus of James Cook University.


- The scholarship is equivalent to the tuition fees for a maximum of 8 subjects equal to One Academic Year at JCUS.

- The scholarship awarded is transferable only within the same degree level should the scholarship awardees decide to change course.


- Meet James Cook University academic entry requirements

- Submit a complete application form including the scholarship application form and relevant documents

- Eligibility criteria varies dependent on the country

How to Apply

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