Looking For A Country With Quality Education To Study In? You Should Read This Book!

Looking For A Country With Quality Education To Study In? You Should Read This Book!

Posted at: 25 Nov 2020

Are you a fresh high school graduate or have just decided to step out of your comfort zone to study abroad? Still, looking for an ideal country to study in? Here we would recommend Singapore as a top priority if you are looking for a country with world-standard quality education in the region.


Having been under the British colony, Singapore began its new chapter from the foundation and keep continuous development in every sector. There is no doubt that the education sector in Singapore is highly respected and competitive. These conditions create a very productive workforce for the country in general and specifically foster the education sector through highly qualified academics.


Singapore is a multi-ethnic country with the domination of the Chinese, Malay and Indian ethnic groups. Though Singapore has four official languages which are Chinese (Mandarin), English, Malay and Tamil, English is the most widely used languages of the country. This means you are taught in English at the university. Studying in English will prepare students for the world of globalization.

World-Standard Education

Singapore’s education is widely recognized and the country consistently ranks at the top of the OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment. Some renowned international universities also located their branches in Singapore such as Monash University. Besides this, local universities rank at the top of universities in Southeast Asia. Those universities often provide scholarships for high achieving students and other criteria. 

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