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4 Inspiring Stories

Everyone gets a little down in their life sometimes. Rather than searching the internet for cat pictures or drowning your sorrow, let’s looking at our 10 best inspirational stories that we’ve prepared for you to pull you from your sorrow, make you smile.

Posted at: 26 Nov 2020

Dear 12 Graders, Be Proud Of What You Have Done

Nobody is perfect!!! Although you made a few mistakes in your exam papers, you already did your best in the exam, didn’t you? Of course, this exam is very important for your future career but you are more important, so do not be sad about mistakes you did

Posted at: 26 Nov 2020

Women And STEM

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. According to the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World, just 30% of the world’s scientists are women. Here are six women who discovered revolutionary researches in the

Posted at: 25 Nov 2020


នៅពេលដែលមានបញ្ហា មានរឿងស្មុគស្មាញ ឬជួបនូវរឿងដែលធ្វើអោយអ្នកខកបំណង ហើយអ្នកមានភាពភ័យខ្លាចថា រឿងទាំងអស់នោះនឹងកើតឡើងម្ដងជាពីរដងទៀតអត់? ធ្លាប់គេចពីបញ្ហាទាំងនោះ ហើយសម្ងំនៅមួយកន្លែង ព្រោះខ្លាចអ្នកដទៃវាយតម្លៃ ឬនិយាយពាក្យមិនល្អទៅលើអ្នក ដែរអត់?

Posted at: 30 Sep 2020

Read Me To Reach Your Goal

May you tell me if you have set a goal for yourself yet? If you have, have you achieved it yet? And how to achieve it? There is a large percentage of people who have already set a goal or few goals for themselves like they want to graduate, want to become

Posted at: 29 Sep 2020

4 Reasons Why You Should Watch Films

Do you know that film can provide us a lot of benefits? With the introduction of technology and the speed of its growth, film production is also growing. Many nations increase the pace in filmmaking and movie production because of that high quality movies

Posted at: 28 Sep 2020

Why Mothers Are Our Heroines

Mom, ម៉ាក់, Mutter, ma, maman,ママ, मां, 妈妈, แม่. Different spellings, different languages but the same meaning, the same responsibilities, the same feelings. Mothers’ role is something that is very complex. Motherhood is the time that all mothers go throug

Posted at: 12 Aug 2020