5 Top Cities and Towns for Cambodian Students to Go to Study in Switzerland 

5 Top Cities and Towns for Cambodian Students to Go to Study in Switzerland 

Posted at: 04 Mar 2021

Switzerland is undeniably one of the most beautiful countries in the world with its natural beauty and the historical iconic castle and building. Besides studying, it would be a great regret to study in Europe without traveling and experiencing that rich culture. Therefore, selecting the city is to study is also a crucial decision. Here are the five popular cities or towns for Cambodian students to study in Switzerland.  


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is ranked as the best city for international students in Switzerland. In fact, Zurich is ranked as the 8th best city in the world for international students according to the QS Best Student Cities 2020. Zurich in itself is a beautiful city with astonishing landscapes and breathtaking high mountains and hills. It is also the home to many best universities in Switzerland such as the ETH Zurich, which was ranked as 6th in QS World University Ranking 2021. Additionally, it is also the home to the historical, cultural and financial center of the nation. It is fourth-largest stock exchange in the world and also the largest museums and art galleries in the countries such as the Swiss National Museum. There are many things for students to explore from culture to other historical trace in the cities.  


Lausanne is ranked as the second best student city of Switzerland. Similar to other Swiss city, Lausanne is full of natural beauties including the view of the Lake Geneva that flows side by side the city of Lausanne. Additionally, Lausanne is the most culturally rich city of Switzerland. It is the home to its famous Olympic Museum and the International Olympic Committee. Student can also find popular and lively arts scenes. In addition to amazing lifestyle, Lausanne also offers high quality of education with a number of higher educational institutes which was ranked among the World University Rankings.  


Different from other big modern cities, Montreux, a charming Swiss town, is an ideal option for international students who prefer to live in a more relaxing environment It is situated by the Lake Geneva and surrounded by the Alps with a population of just over 25,000 people. Actually, Montreux has no shortage of cultural attractions, bars, restaurants and affordable transportation. If you are not the person who prefers the big cities vibes, this can be your great option. Furthermore, it is also a home to large international student population, so finding the accommodation would be not be a big problem. There are also many opportunities to access to internship opportunities in the nearby cities.  


Lucerne is the capital of the Canton of Lucerne and also the largest city in Central Switzerland. Lucerne ranks amongst the world's prettiest cities and is rich in sights and attractions. The home to around 76,000 inhabitants, Lucerne has one of the famous landmarks which is the Chapel Bridge since the 14th century. It is located in the German-speaking region, so you can also experience the blend of the German culture in the Lucerne. It is also a great starting point from travel around Europe with just five-hour train from Lucerne to Paris. It is also very student-friendly. Students can also work on their school projects assignment and projects by accessing the internet through Lucerne’s unique and free wireless city internet.  


Brig, one of the historic town of Switzerland located in the canton of Valais, is the major transportation hub. Its history is closely concerning with the Simplon Pass, which is the well-known beautiful alpine pass to travel beyond the city gates. Besides serving as the transportation hub, Brig is also the home to the historic Stockalper Palace. Additionally, it is also the home to the high quality university César Ritz Colleges Switzerland.

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Upon reading this article, Cambodian parents and students can now learn about the 4 popular cities or towns to pursue overseas education in Switzerland. Those four cities or towns include Zurich, Lausanne, Montreux, Lucerne and Brig.  

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